Lambiyaan Si Judaiyaan

Lambiyaan Si Judaiyaan 

Lambiyaan Si Judaiyaan | Jdmusik |

When a human being dies, they lose 21 grams from the body. This, they say, is the weight of the soul. The journey of a soul transcends over space and time… beyond the realms of this earth. This film tells the story of two seemingly ordinary individuals, going about their lives until their paths cross and they realize that they belong with one another. Unaware of a connection that was forged several hundred years ago, Shiv and Saira are inexplicably drawn to each other, and it takes them on a hysterical rollercoaster of love, intrigue, entertainment and life (twice over!). When two souls unite, they become one.

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Song:  Lambiyaan Si Judaiyaan 

Singer: Arijit Singh ,Shadab & Altamash Faridi

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Lyrics: Lambiyaan Si Judaiyaan

Sajda tera kar na sakoon
Toh bandagi kya bandagi
Tere bina jeena pade
Toh zindagi kya zindagi

Kya rang laaya Dil ka lagaana
Kya rang laaya Dil ka lagaana
Goonje hawaa mein
Bichhde dilaan diyaan duhaiyaan
Vey badi lambiyaan si judaiyaan

Tere nishaan yaadon mein hain
Tu kyun nahi taqdeer mein
Nadaan dil hai dhoondta
Qurbat teri tasveer mein

Mumkin nahin hai tujhko bhulaana
Mumkin nahin hai tujhko bhulaana
Dekhe Khudaya do aashiqaan diyaan tabahiyan
Vey badi lambiyaan si judaiyaan

(Ali Ali Ali… Ali Maula…)

Naraaz ho chaahe Khuda
Duniya bhale raqeeb ho
Uff na karun hothon se main
Bas tu agar qareeb ho

Badi lambiyan si judaiyan
Badi lambiyaan si judaiyaan
Judaiyaan.. judaiyaan..

Vey badi lambiyaan si judaaiyaan
Lambiyan si judaiyaan
Lambiyan si judaaiyan
Lambiyan si judaaiyan…

(Vey badi lambiyaan si judaaiyaan…)


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